Well it wouldn’t be a Chargrill Charlie’s story if we didn’t Start with our chickens. OK so you know they’re the best chickens you can buy, you know they’re hormone and chemical free, you know these little birds have had a great life roaming around a farm and you know that they get cooked in our specially designed super hot chicken rotisserie that we designed here at Chargrill Charlie’s. We have been selling this chicken exactly the same way for over twenty five years. 


Our salads at Chargrill Charlie’s are a big part of our business. We go to the markets every day, five times a week to make sure we source the best seasonal produce available. When you’re making a salad you can’t afford to skip on quality. Salads are fresh and raw and you can’t hide second-rate produce the way you might be able to with roasting vegetables. We use only one or two exceptional providores who work for us and once a month we go with them to source and select produce for Chargrill Charlie’s. We have up to fifteen salads every day, four or five of them you wont have seen the day before. We change our salad choices weekly but we also change them seasonally. If beetroot is the new thing we start roasting the freshest beets we can find. The secret to our salads has always been in our ingredients, the best of everything we can find, and, our dressings and sauces. Our dressings and sauces have a layered history as diverse as we are.



DIY Plates

We’ve been serving our Aussie dinner packs for 25 years and they really do represent a core part of our business. A ¼ chicken dinner pack with succulent, sweet green peas and piping hot pumpkin or creamed potatoes, dolloped with our delicious gravy has been keeping Chargrill Charlie customers happy for years. We can do a dinner pack with our delicious schnitzels or our marinated BBQ drumsticks. In Summer the crowds flock in to have their dinner packs served with our amazing salads, made with the only the freshest and best seasonal produce – the perfect end to a day spent in the blistering sun.

Hot Food

There’s range of staples that we always have at Chargrill Charlie’s. Oh sure we like to mix it up and get our groove on with the new exciting dishes but we also understand that people want to come and enjoy the dishes we are now almost famous for. We always, always have our famous vegie dishes. The thing is, our staples have been on our menus for over twenty years. Everything from our chicken schnitzel, cream potatoes and pumpkin to our curry puffs, devils wings and marinated BBQ drumsticks have been on our menus forever. Our fried rice, pad Thai, and all the food that makes up our dinner packs, is the same great dishes we’ve served year after year to people who love the good honest flavours and the outstanding value for money. We’re quite sure there would be a revolution if we pulled any of those dishes off our menu! Next to our chickens, this is what keeps’m coming back!


Here’s the thing with our rolls they are all handmade so you have to wait while we prepare them. We don’t pre-make them and leave them waiting around for someone to buy. We shred the chicken by hand after it’s just come off the rotisserie and we carve up the lamb in front of you for your lamb rolls. All of our bread is baked fresh and we know that just that combination on it’s own, fresh rolls, freshly shredded chicken or hand carved lamb is going to taste amazing.


Our burgers are legendary. We grill our chicken breasts, which have been marinating in our lemon and herb marinate. We cook them to order, one at a time - to perfection! Then we finish off your chicken burger with our famous chilli sauce, frankly it doesn’t get much better than this! Our beef burgers are the same. We use only the best, ground-course Aussie Angus beef, which we grind in-store every morning and hand press our burger patties, our famous patties are grilled to mouth-watering levels of deliciousness. We serve up our beef burgers with our freshly baked burger buns with lashings of our famous steak sauce.



This is where we get to play around. This is the area of Chargrill Charlie’s that is constantly evolving and changing. We have three specials every night, and we might make a dish tonight and you wont see it again for a month. Our specials are changing absolutely all the time. To be honest, this list is endless! We are forever changing the menu daily, weekly, monthly. And like all of the food at Chargrill Charlie’s it’s a blend of old faithful recipes which are our staples, combined with new recipes we’ve concocted up - maybe even just that day. Some start off as a new recipe and are so popular they quickly become part of our staple menu.


Over the years the demand for our sauces has become so great the exact sauces we use in our shop are bottled each day and sold to our customers. Each of the Chargrill Charlie’s stores bottle them individually and they’re kept refrigerated. There are no use-by dates on our bottles because they are made fresh. Unlike supermarket sauces, they aren’t full of preservatives and chemicals to give them a long shelf life. Our sauces are the exact same recipes we use on the dishes in our shop.

Our Thai Chicken baste is continually a favourite with our clients. We sell it as a sauce in our store for you to take home. We use it in our chicken salads and it’s one of our most popular sauces to go with our Portuguese style chicken. Like all our wonderful recipes there’s a story behind the way we came about discovering it... My brother befriended a Thai man who was as crazy and fun as they come. He could never hold down a job and was always short of money. My brother hired him to come in and work at Chargrill Charlie’s. We all loved Tom and on the days he managed to turn up he would charm us all. Then one day, to say thank you for us keeping him employed (even though we never knew if he’d turn up for his next shift), he gave us his Thai secret sauce recipe. He made us swear that we would never share it with anyone. That secret sauce has been carried down from generation to generation in his family we promised it would remain with our family. And so it has. One day we never saw Tom again, and we still have no idea what happened to him. But we will always remember his crazy laughter and pay homage to his wonderful family Thai sauce. Thanks Tom!